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Christine Cheim

Christine Cheim, born in Paris in 1965, has been included in many exhibitions in Europe and further afield, including Japan and China. She has attracted a lot of interest on the Continent, particularly in her native France.
More recently she has been shown here in Ireland, where her work is already attracting interest from serious art collectors. Her dramatic figurative paintings, with their intense use of colour, are instantly recognisable.
Ross Fine Art has already experienced considerable interest in Cheim’s work and a major one-person show of her paintings begins in the gallery in late February 2008.


Christine Cheim Exhibition

Last Updated On:  Sat, Feb 23rd, 2008
Contributed By:  Ross Fine Art

 It was a pleasure to welcome one of the leading authorities on Irish  art, Professor Anne Crookshank, back to Ross Fine Art for the opening of the Christine Cheim exhibition on Friday night.
Professor Crookshank performed the official opening of the gallery a year ago and is very supportive of its activities.
Co-author of the standard work on Irish painters, she is a forthright  commentator on art matters. Her view on the Christine Cheim works? That a considerable talent is at work here.
One of the gallery’s favourite artists Deborah Brown also had a close  look at the works, and completing this Ramelton trio was Frankie Weber, a fluent French speaker who assisted in translating some of the trickier  titles!
The exhibition features ten stunning new paintings by Christine Cheim, and another ten mixed media figure studies on paper.
The artist’s schedule meant she was flying into Belfast on Friday night, too late to attend the opening, but she paid a visit on Saturday 23rd.
Gallery owner Janet Ross said after seeing these latest works she’s more convinced than ever that Christine Cheim is a significant figure in  contemporary painting.
The Cheim show continues until 15th March. Works from the standing  collection can still be seen in two of the four rooms in Ross Fine Art.